Clare Cascaders

Fixtures - upcoming games

2018/2019 Clare League Blitz Dates (subject to change)

U12 Boys 06-Oct-2018 03-Nov-18 01-Dec-18 12-Jan-19 17-Feb-19 24-Mar-19
U12 Girls 30-Sept-2018 28-Oct-18 25-Nov-18 06-Jan-19 03-Feb-19 03-Mar-19
U14 Boys 20-Oct-2018 17-Nov-18 15-Dec-18 26-Jan-19 09-Feb-19 23-Feb-19
U14 Girls 13-Oct-2018 10-Nov-18 08-Dec-18 19-Jan-19 09-Feb-19 23-Feb-19
U16 Boys 29-Sept-2018 27-Oct-18 24-Nov-18 05-Jan-19 02-Feb-19 16-Feb-19
U16 Girls 06-Oct-2018 03-Nov-18 01-Dec-18 12-Jan-19 02-Feb-19 16-Feb-19

€3 per player - Players arrive 20 min before first game.

U12 = minimum of 10 players required
U14 = minimum of 10 players required
U16 = minimum of 8 players required
U18 = minimum of 8 players required

Clare Cup Game Dates (subject to change)

1st round 2nd round Semi final Finals
U14 Girls 09-Mar-19 20 Mar 19
U14 Boys 09-Mar-19 30 Mar 19
U16 Girls 02-Mar-19 23 Mar 19
U16 Boys 02-Mar-19 23 Mar 19